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this is probably one of the sexiest gifs ever


Holy sweet baby jesus

now this man is either dead or just old as hell but lord he was something else.

who is thiss someone message me!!!

he was my boyfriend in the 1960’s. im immortal

that´s marlon brando 

And this is Brando.

And this.

And this.

It depresses me that people didn’t know who this was.

Fun fact:  this is the same guy who got pretty pissed at one of his directors and retaliated by refusing to ever wear pants on set, so the director had to work around only filming him from the waist up.

He was also active during the civil rights movement, to the point where he was even at the March on Washington 


(That’s him with activist/author James Baldwin)

He sent a native american woman in his place at the oscars to accept his award because he was angry about the treatment of native americans in this country and in the industry. 

Oh and he was also allegedly bi sexual 

Marlon Brando was one of the greatest actors of the 20th century. He got his start on Broadway before getting a big break in Hollywood. His first leading role was in A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) which he starred with Vivien Leigh (from Gone with the Wind), a movie which was adapted from the famous play of the same name, which was by Tennessee Williams. Marlon Brando was ELECTRIC in that movie. I get goosebumps everytime I watch that movie (it’s one of my favourite old movies).

Have you guys ever heard of the famous movie line, that goes, “STELLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!”? That was him, he screamed that while falling to his knees.

He was also amazing in On the Waterfront, The Wild Bunch, and of course… the Godfather films.

One of the things I learned reading James Baldwin’s biography was that Baldwin and Brando traveled in a lot of the same NYC theatre circles back in the 50’s and early 60’s.  James Baldwin wanted to cast him in one of his plays, but it just didn’t work out.   And Baldwin also had a bit of a crush on Brando, though nothing ever came of it.  

And for the record, multiple books and sources confirm that Marlon Brando was bisexual.  He may not have used the word to describe himself, but he certainly had romantic and sexual relationships with many men and women.   It was well known during his time doing theatre in NYC that Brando went around with men as well as women, just like Baldwin himself.  

- Sarah 

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…But what the word “feminist” does do is acknowledge the very long history of the women’s rights movement. I agree with what [Joss Whedon is] saying: It should just be assumed men and women are equally important and equally capable—but it’s not, and it hasn’t been for thousands of years. So, “feminism” and being a “feminist” is an acknowledgement of that history and the culture we’ve lived in for a long time. It’s a reaction to that, but for me, that’s an important acknowledgement to make.

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